Monday, January 23, 2012

::. Wont Look Back .::

Every time I look, every time I stare upon a mirror 
I really don't know whom I thought I knew for years 
Who's the man I see, he's bee foolin' me 
Keeps teelling me what I thought I was supposed to be 
Twenty one years had passed I've made a lot of sacrifice 

I do everything for everybody but me 
No, no, no one can really tell, I hide my tears so well 
By the time they look, they can only see the smiles 
Sometimes I wonder, they care as how much I cared 
Would they really dare to do the things I dared 
Anyway that don't matter, if they don't do the same to me 

I'd still be doing things I do, you see 
My life, is like a burning candle 
Bringing joy to people, giving light though how much 
It's hurting me, if that's the way it's gotta be then let it be 
But this tme the pain's too deep, too hard 

Everytime I try, to lie to myself that everything's ok 
I can't deny, I cry and all that I can say 
God, have mercy 
Please give me, give me, show the light to me 
So I can give the joy the people want to feel 
So I can live another day until I have no will 
If that's the way then let it be 
But this time the pain's too deep to hard 

Everyday I pray I have the strength to carry on 
Every night and day I pray things just work my way 
Well, it better be that way, it's a dangerous game I play 
But no one has to know all the heartache I take 
It's a nightmare out there, I've got no one to share 
Troubles in my mind, in my mind I bare 
If that's the way it's got to be, then let it be 
But this time's the pain's too deep, too hard 

To my heart 
That cant no longer take this pain 
No longer sleep at night 
Feels like I don't wanna live another day 
Don't wanna fall apart 
I just wish I could vanish all that's breaking me 
Just leave the misery 
And don't look back 

-Isnin, 23012012-

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