Friday, September 28, 2012

::. I should have done .::

If I can change it
I should have done that
I should have ignored it
like something I couldn't see
I shouldn't have met you
I shouldn't have looked at you at all
I should have run away
I should have acted like I didn't hear it
like something I couldn't hear.
I shouldn't have listened to that at all

What could I do?

What should I do?
what should I say next?
my knee meet the floor
my hand shaken
my lips were surprised
it came without a word

Why does it should be hurt?

Why does it hurts so much?
Why does it hurts continuously?

Without a word, it comes and leaves

Maybe like the fever before
Maybe all I need to do is endure the hurt for a while
Try to forget those memories
Because in the end, only scars in my heart are left...


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