Wednesday, October 20, 2010

::. Nothing I can wish more .::

What a  2 week…!!!. fuh, Bandung games really tired me up plus fever virus that was spreading to everyone including me. I have been hospitalized for several times, infused for 2 times because of it and have to use oxygen gas to help me breath properly. The doctor advised me to check for ward but I refuses. Coz I have to attend Intergration examination. practical test and skill lab. And surely I really don’t want to repeat  and spend my money only for that test.

 I think in these 2 week I have only spend most my time only in my bedroom on the bed in pain and suffering… and ‘doing nothing at all”...  even I don’t have energy to  lift a book. Yeah, it very used up all my energy and  for me to get through this illness for 2 week +  exam week is to much for me. I feel sooo tired. I think this was an aftermath of what have happen. I have done too many sin to Allah and He trying warning me of what I have done. Thank to Allah swt for His warning, mercy and forgiveness. Please forgive me Ya Rabbi....~

I think nothing more I can wish more than I need a big and long rest. Sometimes the most urgent thing you can possibly do is take a complete rest. Take a time to think about the future and make some plan what to do next.

-wednesday, 1930, 20102010-

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