Saturday, January 15, 2011

::. Why...? .::

.::In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Compassionate::.


Sometimes when I'm thinkin... Why?

Sometimes we forget
Sometimes we're idle
Sometimes we're blind
Like we do not know that
He's watching us...

Ya Allah..

Indeed humans are forgetful by nature
Even if overwhelmed by a thousand advice every time
Still hard to penetrate the heart because of sins
That form a barrier between me and Him

Back then in the dark gloomy world
Although lights,fast songs made me dance
Together with them on the same ark
Drenched in sweat oh' filled with shame
Yes.. I forgot

If you ask me honestly 
Why is the world like a magician
Playing the illusion and blurring the mind
Everything in front of our eyes looks oh' so good
But in actual fact oh' it's the opposite

His book,His words which I'd once forgotten
I start to recite even if I'm slow as a turtle
For I know this is the book of answers to
The world's crossword puzzle

I'm day dreamin.. 
Happily engrossed even for awhile
But the pleasure..
Can't be expressed
Because I have no grasp of reality
I'm lost amidst the worldliness
World oh' world

I am only human
Who often forget
Who are always idle
With the lies and deceit oh' world

Ya Rabbi
I submit everything
Accept my prayer

I'm helpless
Please forgive..Please forgive…
Give me the light 
Please forgive me..Please forgive me…
Place me in your paradise 

I had my doubts before..
But now I'm certain

-saturday, 1730, 15012011-

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atikullah ismail™ said...

nice lah..btul2 trigering otak..